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Currently I am learning HTML5, CSS and Javascript and I use my webdomain as test enviroment as I'm setting up my website from scratch. Feel free to look around and please visit again later on, when this website is finished.

For now, if interested, please take a look at the drafts of my project porfolio below or view my profile by clicking on the button on the right.

Activities Overview


Prototyping (Arduino, ST, NodeMCU, RaspberryPi).

Electrical Engineering

Industrial Automation and Power Distribution.

Software Development

PLC Programming (Ladder Logic, FBD, SCL), MCU and SBC programming (C), webapplication development (C#, Javascript).



I designed and installed the electrical and electronic related components for Saloon the Rusty Nail. @Let's Escape Haarlem

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Repairing devective devices

I occasionally stumble across defective electronic devices worth repairing. Mostly for academic and training purpose but sometimes commissioned.

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I love the sound of the old 8-bit soundchips used in old (gaming)computer systems. It got me into circuitbending en modding devices to make my own music.

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Light effects automatically at the rhythm of the beat! I made an Arduino based device that synchronizes light patterns with a MIDI-Clock in real-time.

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