Let's build it!

Electricity always fascinated me. As a kid I made electrical circuits with batteries, small lightbulbs and some copper wire on a piece of wood at my grandpa’s. At home, I experimented with my fathers’ solder kit and broken electronic devices, salvaging DC-motors from cassette decks. Eventually, it was the introduction to 8-bit music and the ‘circuit-bending’ that accompanies it that set the course to where I am right now.

I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and started my professional career as an Electrical and Instrumentation Engineer in the Industrial Automation field, four days a week. The fifth day was intended as my ‘hobby day’ but evolved into my ‘freelance day’, working for my own business: Barr Electronics.

At the start of this year I changed jobs because I wanted to learn more about software. I am still active in the Industrial automation field but as a Software Engineer. My main activities right now consist of PLC (Programmable logic controllers) programming and developing a dotnet core web application (front- and backend) for monitoring data and controlling machines in a factory/plant. With Barr Electronics I am still involved building and performing maintenance work at various Escape Rooms.