'Chiptunes' 8-bit music and circuit bending

Circuitbending and modding vintage gamedevices

As I mentioned on my profile page: 8-bit music triggered my enthusiasm for electronics. It is a perfect combination of two things I am passionate about: Music and Electronics.

It all started with the old grey Gameboy and a flashable cartridge containing a copy of Little Sound DJ (LSDJ), a Gameboy music sequencer.
To get the most out the sound chip some hardware mods are recommended like the ‘RCA pro sound mod’. It adds a pair of RCA jack inputs and bypasses an amplifier circuit in order to get deeper and more clean sound. Eventually I tried all kinds of mods like adding LED backlight to the screen and adding a chip to invert the screen. I even added an Arduino for MIDI capabilities and light effects.

Making music and performing live
I had two gigs, one at an open stage and one at a festival (I got asked to play at the festival after my performance at the open stage).