LEDwerk a project for VELDwerk

Creating hardware and software to synchronize light and sound autonomously

LEDwerk started in 2016, when a friend of mine decided to throw his own electronic music orientated parties under the name Veldwerk. He bought a generator and a PA-set, combined it with his DJ-gear and a cargo bike to create this mobile DJ booth. We had some musical adventures since then and it inspired me to create lighting effects to add to his booth.

So, I started working on project LEDwerk. The light controller is Arduino based and still evolving as we speak. When a external MIDI-clock signal is fed to the controller it can use it to determine the tempo of the light patterns in order to be synchronized with the beat.
In the video below I added some knobs to change color pallet and pattern, and a button for strobe effect. This allows some real time adjusting of the pre-programmed software to match the vibe the DJ wants to create. No matter wat song is played, the pattern will always be in sync witch the music.

Currently I am doing some tests with addressable LED’s. It looks nice but it is a little harder to create dynamic patterns as there are way more variables.

Turn on the sound to hear and see the effect!